End of Au pair year(s)

So, my time in the US and as an Au pair is coming to an end.
In April 2014 I left my home, my family, my friends, my country and everything to begin one of the biggest journeys of my life. Without knowing how anything is going to be, all alone without knowing a single person. I moved in with a family I’ve never met before to take care of two sweet little girls. It’s really been a challenge some days and it hasn’t always been easy but I don’t regret a single moment. I’ve met the most amazing people during this journey and I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve had my ups and downs during these two years and I’m so proud over myself. I’ve become so much stronger and I’ve really had the time of my life. I couldn’t be more thankful for all the people I’ve got to known, all the places I’ve been visiting and all the memories that I’m bringing with me home.

I’ve been taking care of 7 kids and lived with 3 different families. I’ve had some really tough days and I’ve been so close to giving up a couple of times. I’m so glad I didn’t. I ended up finding the best host family you could ever wish for and I’ll miss them a lot. I also ended up finding the most beautiful friends in the world. I can’t imagine my life without you guys and I know we’ll be friends for life. Thanks to my 2 wonderful American families for these years and to all the people I’ve met. I love you, you’ll always be in my heart and I know I’ll see you all again.

DC you'll forever and always be my second home and Cali you’ve got my heart. I’m totally in love with this country and I’m going to miss it all a lot but now it’s time... America, I’ll see you again! Sweden, I’m back! 


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